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Granny cottages an alternative to high cost of assisted living

EGG HARBOR CITY – With the cost of nursing home care quickly devouring a retiree’s life savings, a South Jersey business owner has a solution that will not only save money, but also bring families together to care for their elders.

“In other countries, the elderly are revered and live with their children and grandchildren until death,” said Patty Hydock, a modular homebuilder in Egg Harbor City. “Instead of pushing parents away, this brings families closer and allows the elderly to age in place.”

Hydock is offering homeowners an option to add a “granny cottage” to their existing homes. A granny cottage or elder cottage is a specially equipped modular addition or detached cottage that can be the perfect solution for a family seeking alternatives to putting their parents in a home, she said.

“I learned about granny cottages looking for options for my own mother, who is 83 years old and on oxygen. I was spending time researching on the Internet and discovered that my own industry offers a solution I could consider,” Hydock said. “The more I read about it, the more excited I got. This can be the perfect solution for other people in my position.”

Baby boomers are starting to worry about what will happen to them later in life, and some of them are now caring for their elderly parents, she said. Instead of assisted living or a nursing home, a granny cottage can allow adult children to be their parent’s primary caregiver and allow them to spend quality time with their loved ones when they need them most.

In a recently released annual report, Genworth Financial, Inc. of Richmond, VA, a Fortune 500 insurance and financial planning company, said the cost of long-term care has increased over the last five years.

The median annual cost of care in New Jersey is $22,165 for adult day care, $68,700 for assisted living and $116,800 for nursing home care, according to Genworth’s 2015 Cost of Care Study, which was released on April 9.

The price of a modular granny addition, which increases the value of the home, ranges from $42,000 to $85,000, plus taxes and finish work.

“Every project is different,” Hydock said.

Options can include low sinks, high toilets, safety bars, cabinets that automatically lower to counter height for easy access, wide doorways, tracking systems that can help seniors go room to room, floor level video monitors, web cams, pill dispensers, and ramps and lifts for homes at high elevations, she said.

Hydock said the small homes, which can be attached to any existing home or detached as a cottage if zoning allows, are manufactured by Icon Legacy Modular Homes, LLC in Selinsgrove, PA. The SOS Group, Inc. of Williamstown, a safety outfitting company, offers additional convenience upgrades that allow a senior to age in place.

“Once the house gets delivered, we can do an assessment of the customer’s needs and complete the fit-out,” she said.

Hydock offers eight designs from 300 to 900 square feet. The homes arrive in two pieces. In most instances, only a building permit is required, as long as the addition meets building setbacks. Depending on local zoning ordinances, a detached cottage may require a variance.

Granny Cottages can also be used as an affordable vacation home, guest cottage, separate in-law suite or an inexpensive alternative for a single or first-home buyer, Hydock said.

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This is the Golden Girls I model, the smallest floor plan available:

  Hydock of Jersey Coast Modular Homes of Egg Harbor City shows some of the options for granny cottages, which can help the elderly age in place.